In the mid to late 1950’s my grandparents purchased the land on the north side of Bayou La Batre, AL known as Landry Farms. A lot of hard work went into clearing the land to be farmed. The primary crops were: watermelons, cantaloupes, hay, and cattle.

In 1960 Poppa (Bobby Landry) planted 100 pecan trees. I remember as a boy picking up pecans in the orchard for 5¢ per pound. In 1969 hurricane Camille destroyed 60% of the pecan trees, they were replanted the next year.

On September 12th, 1979 hurricane Fredrick destroyed 80% of the pecan trees. At the age of 19, I helped my poppa replant the trees. Those were the worst storms. Our family worked the farm the early 1990’s when poppa and my daddy (Ronnie Landry) passed away. The farm was leased from then till 2007 when my grandmother
(Gernis Landry) passed away.

The family farm was divided between the heirs. In 2010, I (Terry Landry) realized my passion for pecans and started planting trees. Working a full-time job, I could only plant and take care of about 120 trees per year.

I started calling my operation Bayou Pecan Co. and in 2020 Bayou Pecan Co. LLC was formed.

Our Mission

The goal at Bayou Pecan Co, to be stewards of the land God has given us. Our soil here is perfect to grow top quality pecans, we grow 17 different varieties of pecans on 65-acres. We strive to deliver to our customers with the highest quality pecans they can buy at reasonable cost.

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