Pecan Variety

A pecan lover’s biggest mistake is thinking that if you have had ONE pecan variety, than you have had ALL pecan varieties.

There are over 500 different varieties of pecans with slightly different characteristics like flavor, texture, size, color, and shape.

What makes a pecan variety unique?

The difference in each pecan variety comes down to two main distinctions: the size of the nut and the thickness of the shell.

A native or “wild” pecan has a thicker shell and smaller nut, than its improved varieties. Improved variety pecans are what most consumers think of when they think of pecans. These “improved varieties” have been nicknamed “paper shell” pecans, due to their ultra-thin shell. Paper shell pecans are so thin that they can be cracked by hand. This particular type of shell is preferred in commercial use as they are easily shelled and tend to produce more pecan meat per pound of in-shell nuts.

Different pecan varieties may also have a higher or lower oil content, which affects the texture and flavor of the pecan kernel.

Learn more about America’s ‘Supernut’, the pecan by visiting American Pecans.

Bayou Pecan Co. grows 15 different varieties of pecans.

Variety NameEst. Nuts per Pound
Amiling63 nuts per poundView
Caddo67 nuts per poundView
Cape Fear55 nuts per poundView
Creek55 nuts per poundView
Elliott77 nuts per poundView
Ellis45 nuts per pound
Forkert53 nuts per poundView
Gafford50 nuts per poundView
Kanza74 nuts per poundView
Lewis48 nuts per pound
Mahan42 nuts per poundView
McMillian51 nuts per poundView
Pawnee56 nuts per poundView
Sumner54 nuts per poundView
Syrup Mill60 nuts per pound
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